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Todd Knox

Todd Knox

April 12, 1943 - October 15, 1994.

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09/17/10 10:42 PM #1    

Raymond Knorr

I lost track of Todd after high school,  so I don't know if he ever settled down.  In high school, though, Todd was a perfect candidate for one of those "most unforgetable character" stories they have in Reader's Digest.

We were buddies in the BHS science club and rocket club,  but we did a lot of "R&D" work on our own.  This ranged from making nitrogen tri-iodide, which explodes if an ant crawls across it to building our own rockets that often exploded rather than shooting skyward.  In the non-science area there were great practical jokes, visits with mutual friends and many wild weekends.  You would be putting your life at risk if you ever rode with him in a car in the snow.  And, of course, all weekend evenings ended at Pontillo's.

He was a great guy and he is missed a lot.


09/26/10 03:35 PM #2    

Michael Rimmer

Todd was a great friend and a great sense of humor. Todd after school went to join his father

in his shoe store business on Main st  . Knox&Dispenza. I can honestly say if it wasn't for Todd

2 of my sons would not be walking well today. Their ped doc said they would out grow it. Todd

is greatly missed.

                                           Mike R

10/09/10 01:52 PM #3    

Jim Minor

Do classmates remember walking into a classroom and seeing on the blackboard a chalked outline of a Walt-Disney-interpretation of a cheshire cat and seeing the words: "Die Cheshire Katze Schlägt Wieder!" (The Cheshire cat strikes again!). You knew that Todd (or perhaps George Kenoyer or Doug Lippert), who were all taking Miss Gentner's German class, were behind it.

08/10/11 04:35 PM #4    

Douglas Lippert

Todd Knox was a close friend and a character who can never be equalled. The comment from Jim Minor reminded me of all the nonsense that went on in Frau Gentner's German class.  It was amazing that she tolerated us, but I think she thought we were occasionally funny enough not to kick us out altogether. I believe that Todd was part of a conspiracy that we put together in our senior year since we didn't ever want her class to end.  We convinced her that we needed to audit a class in order to keep our German fresh for college. I'm sure Bill Graves was also involved and since he went on to obtain a doctorate in German his intentions were probably honest. The class was cutting edge for the time since it involved an audio lab in which everyone wore earphones and listened together. Sadly our pathetic attempt ended rather quickly and I think that Todd Knox may have been the culprit. While some of the German text was being repeated for everyone's edification, a voice was heard saying excitedly, "There's a Japanese fighter at two o'clock. Watch out he's behind you! Pull up, pull up."  Apparently, at this point, the good Frau had had enough of us and threw us all out of the class.   

Doug Lippert

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